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      Company news

      DGM India factory in operation at the beginning of 2020!

      Time: 2020/01/05  View: 444

      India, as the 7th largest country by area, the 2nd most populous country in the world, is becoming a very important economic entity.

      Therefore, it is surely an important target for DGM world expansion program.

      Thanks to the deep collaboration and experience of Mr Puneet Aggarwal, who is responsible and head of DGM India factory, we had debut in Indian market by selling 20+ machines in 2019, and had kick started 2020 by grabbing 8 machines order in January at Pamex 2020 exhibition.

      There is any old saying in China: It is easier to fight than to defend. ¨It′s hard to open India market but we did it; it is even harder to maintain the reputation, that’s what we have to consider on priority, that’s one of the main reason we establish DGM India, we want to offer the fastest, and affordable service with reliable product to all our Indian customers.¨ Says Tony Lin, the owner of DGM.

      DGM Automation India pvt. Ltd. is 30,000 square feet built-up area in total, it will be in operation early April 2020. Demo and operator training center will be it′s first functional role, in long term we will have assembly teams for folder gluers, die-cutters and laminators.

      DGM India:

      DGM Automation India pvt. Ltd.

      B-90, Sector-80, Noida-Phase-II, Uttar Pradesh-201306

      Contact person: Puneet Kumar Aggarwal

      Email: puneet@dgm-global.com

      Language selection:

      中文简体 ENGLISH Espa?ol Fran?ais Arabic

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