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      T-Fold 2000/2400

      Double feeder

      • T-Fold 2000 robust multifunctional double feeding and pasting machine.

      Double feeder section
      • Upper and lower feeders, 4 belts 120 mm wide.

      • 12mm thickness feeding carriers, can be moved laterally

      • Lateral feed gates fully adjustable to the width of the blank.

      • 2 adjustable front feed knives.

      • Suction feeding function.

      • Driven independently by servo motor.

      Front lay alignment section
      • Five sets positioning front lay;

      • Upper and lower timing belts are driven independently, with high precision and stability.

      • Touch screen operation system

      • Hotmelt or cold glue can be adapted.

      • Side folding system, can be placed at left or right side, upper or lower carrier.

      Transfer section
      • 4 sets of upper and lower carriers.

      • Sufficient transfer time for reliable bonding.

      • Can In-line with other folder gluer to achieve multi-function in single pass. 

      • Independent servo motor driven system.

      Side folding device
      • Different angle designed pulleys, guiding box flap steadily to gluing unit.

      Processed material

      Corrugated board

      • Processed material

      • Cardboard 300g to 800g

      • Corrugated  type A ,B, C, E, K, BC, EB, AB

      • Capability

      • Speed  250 m / min

      • Inching speed 10 m / min

      • Cardboard thickness< 10mm

      • Blank width    650 to 2000 mm

      • 2-piece box open blank width 4000mm

      • Adhésif  hotmelt & cold glue 

      • Dimentions & Weight

      • Length 7000mm

      • Width 4000mm

      • Height  2000mm

      • Weight  6000ton

      • Installation

      • Power 50 kw

      • Compressed air 10 Pa

      • Air Flow  150 m3/h

      • Capacity 150 L



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