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      Window patching machine

      Folder gluer and window patching integrated solution

      In-line window patching folding and gluing machine

      The window pasting device adopts motion control tracking and automatic alignment Correction system, suitable for many kinds of window patching boxes.



       Fully servo motor drive, using motion control to automatically align and correct. It can reach 5000-8000 s/h. (Support for later software upgrade speed up to 10,000 s/h) 


      Comprehensible touch screen interface, by inputing window film size, machine can automatically cut film, apply glue and window paste.

      Window patching soluction can be retrofitted to our folder gluers, but also to other folder gluers that exist in today′s market. It can also work off-line.

      Alignment section
      • Independent section with an unparallel lower carrier that guides the box to a parallel handrail that allows a perfect blank alignment.

      • Independent servo motor  driven. 

      • Easy and fast operation.

      Gluing section
      • 2 servo motors driven system, apply glue with high precision.

      • Depends on box sizes, can work as single lane or double lanes. 

         Film pasting unit 

      • 3 servo motors driven system, paste film with high precision.

      • Large format conveyor with suction, ensures a stable and even box transferring. 

      • Tension adjustment mechanism to achieve a precise film feeding.

      Processed material


      Corrugated board

      • Film thickness   0.08-0.2mm

      • Width:80-400mm

      • Length:80-380mm

      • Speed:130m/min



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