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      Offline inspection machine

      • Independent and motorized friction feeder with variable speed.

      • Adjustable electronic pile vibrator. 

      • Lateral feed gates fully adjustable to the width of the blank.

      • 6 feeder belts.2 sets of adjustable feed knives.

      Side Register section
      • Independent section with an unparallel lower carrier that guides the box to a parallel handrail that allows a perfect blank alignment.

      Online inspection module
      • High-speed image processing computer workstation. 

      • Single sheet inspection software Printing Plus V5.0 English version.

      • The high-speed visual image unit, equipped with Japan′s imported lens, Canada imported high/frequency COMS line scan industrial camera.

      Defect box collecting department
      • The upper and lower belts are driven by a synchronous transmission system, to avoid scratches during transportation.

      • Pneumatic ejecting device to minimize scratches on boxes.

      • Dual-lane collecting system upon request.

      Delivery section
      • Automatic and manual speed variation in coordination with a photocell.

      Processed material


      Corrugated board

      • Technical parameter

      • Carton size  max.500 × 400 mm

      • Carton size  min.90 × 90 mm

      • Machine size L x Wx H 11.79×1.287×1.3 m

      • Power supply17 KW

      • Air consumption6 Pa



      Box type

      A: 126 - 650 mm

      B: 100 - 500 mm

      E: 58 - 320 mm


      A: 146 - 650 mm

      B: 110 - 500 mm

      E: 68 - 320 mm


      A: 200 - 650 mm
      B: 100 - 500 mm
      D: 30 - 150 mm
      E: 80 - 530 mm

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