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      TECHNOFOIL 1050-SC

      1 shaft transverse direction with 2 foil rolls + stripping

      • Automatic feeder with non-stop system, with pallet and cart direct load.

      • 4 lift-up and 4 delivery suckers, designed to handle a wide range of materials from pa-per to corrugated board, guarantee the accuracy, reliability and smoothness of paper feeding.

      • Double sheet detector.

      Register table
      • Quick changeovers, easy to operate

      • 2 register side guides working with pulling and pushing system

      • 4 register front lays, independently adjustable

      Register table
      • Side-register table with 8 belts.

      • 2 register side guides working with pulling and pushing system.

      • 4 register front lays, independently adjustable.

      Press section
      • Closed chase with central positioning system device for fast positioning of the die.

      • Cutting plate 5 mm thickness.

      • Pressure control system, can be easily adjusted through touch screen. It has a securi-ty system to avoid any damage in the press.

      • Manual and automatic lubrication system.

      • 7 light weight gripper bars.

      • Turn-over bracket for cutting chase and honeycomb chase.

      • Pneumatic lock and release system for cutting chase and honeycomb plate.

      Foil stamping system
      • Heating system in 12 temperature zones with individual temperature control.

      • Foil break detector.

      • Films fasten device.

      • Foil unwind device.

      • Honeycomb chase.

      Stripping section
      • Optimized cam movement curve that guarantees stripping stability and accuracy.

      • Quick-locking and central positioning system to assure the waste is cleared with accuracy.

      Delivery section
      • Non-stop device with automatic conveyor at delivery.

      Transverse shaft
      • 2 foil rolls in a high precision transversal foil feeding system.

      Processed material


      Carton Board

      Corrugated Board

      • Processed Materials

      • Paper from 80 g/m2

      • Carton board max. 2000 g/m2

      • Corrugated board max. 4 mm

      • Capability

      • Sheet size min. 350 x 400 mm

      • Sheet size max. 740 x 1050 mm

      • Speed max. 7500 s/h

      • Stamping speed max. 6000 s/h

      • Cutting force 300 Ton

      • Converting

      • Stamping & embossing size max. 720 x 1020 mm

      • Die cutting size max. 730 x 1040 mm

      • Heating System

      • Heating zones 12 units

      • Temperature max 200 oC

      • Foil Equipment

      • Foil length 120 to 1200 m

      • Web width 50 to 630 mm

      • Web advance shafts 2

      • Pile Height

      • Feeder max. 1650 mm

      • Feeder with non-stop 1270 mm

      • Delivery max. 1300 mm

      • Dimensions & Weight

      • Length x Width x Height 7.08 x 4.28 x 3.26 m

      • Weight 17.5 Ton

      • Installation

      • Power supply 35 kW

      • Compressed air 6 bar

      • Air compressor capacity 30 m3/h

      • Air tank capacity 155 L



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