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      SMARTFOLD 650

      High speed automatic folder gluer

      Automatic folder gluer, suitable for straight-line, crash-lock bottom & double wall

      SMARTFOLD 650-PC It is specially indicated for the most demanding packaging companies, commercial printers and finishers. It is optimized to run small & medium sized boxes like the ones used in pharmaceutical or cosmetic industries. It is flexible to operate and it comes with a state of the art technology and electronics. The standard version includes the accessories for straight line and crash lock bottom boxes. It is flexible and easy to operate.

      Feeder section
      • Independently motorized friction feeder with variable speed.

      • Adjustable electronic pile vibrator.

      • Side feed gates fully adjustable to the width of the blank.

      • 6 feeder belts.

      • Two adjustable front feed knives.

      Side register section
      • Independent section with an unparallel lower carrier that guides the box to a parallel handrail that allows a perfect blank alignment.

      Pre-folding section
      • Left hand glue flap pre-folder up to 180o.

      • Third crease line pre-folder up to 135o.

      • 1st and 3rd crease openers.

      Crash lock bottom section
      • Complete set of folding hooks and helixes to fold the front flaps of the blank smooth and accurately.

      • Set of accessories for B-type lock bottom.

      Lower gluing unit
      • One lower (left side) gluing tank.

      • Easy to remove and clean.

      • Electronic upper gluing system by guns. (Optional)

      Folding & Closing section
      • Smooth and accurate folding of 2nd and 4th creases.

      • Two upper and two lower carriers with 25 mm lower and 30 mm outer belts.

      • Width-wise adjustable heavy duty compression rollers (optional).

      Trombone section
      • Upper and lower drive mechanism for lengthwise adjustment.

      • Equipped with automatic belt tension-adjusting system.

      • Continuous and automatic box collection mechanism that ensures a neat transfer to the Press section, guaranteeing a well aligned flow.

      Press section
      • Manual and Automatic speed variation in coordination with a photocell.

      • Upper section moves back and forward, adaptable to different box lengths.

      • 5.5 meters total length with 3.1 meters of effective pressure.

      • Pneumatic pressure adjustment.

      Processed material


      Carton Board

      Corrugated Board

      • Processed Material

      • Carton board max. 800 gsm

      • Corrugated flute type N, E & F

      • Capability

      • Speed max. 400 m/min

      • Inching speed 20 m/min

      • Thickness of folded box max. 12 mm

      • Blank width 650 mm

      • Dimensions & Weight

      • Length 13.23 m

      • Width 1.44 m

      • Height 1.3 m

      • Weight 6.5 Ton

      • Installation

      • Electrical connected load 17 kW

      • Compressed air 6 bar

      • Air compressor capacity 10 m3/h

      • Air tank capacity 60 L



      Box type
      Straight - line Box

      A: 126 - 650 mm
      B: 100 - 500 mm
      E: 58 - 320 mm

      Lock - bottom Box

      A: 146 - 650 mm
      B: 110 - 500 mm
      E: 68 - 320 mm

      Double - wall Box

      A: 200 - 650 mm
      B: 100 - 500 mm
      D: 30 - 150 mm
      E: 80 - 530 mm

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