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      360°convenient, global solution

      DGM's products are now available in 75 countries and regions, and a large customer base needs strong after-sales service support.

      Degang Machinery provides customers with 360° all-round service, which is not only reflected in pre-sales service, helping customers understand products, improving customers’ trust in products, and understanding customers’ individual needs, etc.; but also reflected in after-sales service all over the world. The after-sales team with more than one hundred people and professional online services are 

      the top priorities of Degang Machinery's services. Careful and professional services have opened the gap between Degang machinery and carton converting equipment manufacturers.


      Main service

      Technical Services

      Our technical service runs through every aspect of pre-sales and after-sales. according to the different characteristics and expectations of each customer, we provide you with personalized suggestions and customized services.


      DGM experts can conduct different trainings in DGM training center or customer production workshop. We help your employees better understand DGM equipment to ensure high productivity.

      In-depth inspection and maintenance

      We talk about your equipment, through detailed and accurate measurement and inspection. We provide you with all the equipment improvement, repair and maintenance information. Through our maintenance work, we can predict potential problems, help your equipment run smoothly and reduce downtime.

      Spare parts and consumables

      DGM has a neat and orderly storage of spare parts; all parts are in full compliance with quality standards, ready to be delivered to all parts of the world at any time. We guarantee the shortest delivery time and the best quality. Each spare part will be accompanied by spare part installation instructions

      Equipment improvement and optimization

      In order to provide our customers with the best quality equipment, DGM has never ceased to devote itself to product development and updates. More than 30 years of experience enables us to provide the most professional improvement and optimization for your equipment according to your specific job.

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